What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

Jun 6, 2021 | 1 comment

As the world continues to fight against the spread of Covid-19. Many countries and airlines now require a negative PCR test result with confirmation that you’re fit to fly to ensure the safety of their passengers and residents. At JACE Medical we offer a “fit to fly” certificate with our PCR tests that can be used to provide proof of a negative result to gain entry into many countries. Results and certificates are obtained within 24 hours of taking the test.

What is a Fit to Fly Covid-19 Test?

A fit to fly certificate is a medical certificate issued by an NHS trained UK General Medical doctor. The certificate is issued after the completion of a PCR test. As long, as the result is negative. The certificate provides proof of a negative Covid-19 test result. Meaning you have no symptoms and are a low risk to other people in the country you are travelling to.

PCR Testing Belfast

If you are a resident of Northern Ireland, you can complete one of our PCR tests at any of our locations in Derry, at Belfast International Airport at McCausland’s and with our mobile testing unit. If your test result is negative you will be issued with a fit to fly certificate within 24 hours of taking the test.

How Accurate is the PCR Test?

The PCR test is the most accurate test for Covid-19  as long as the correct sampling technique is followed. This is why we always recommend that PCR tests are carried out by a medical professional as this helps to avoid inaccurate results. At JACE Medical our clinic is run by healthcare professionals who are experienced in sampling and testing for COVID-19. Our aim is to improve the testing capacity through NI.

Fit To Fly Certificate Northern Ireland

Is the Fit to Fly Certificate Guaranteed to be accepted by all Airlines?

At JACE Medical, our RT-PCR method is fully certified and accredited. It is carried out by trained medical professionals, ensuring your test result will be accepted by your airline and embassy. The PCR antigen swab test is the only test which is universally accepted by all airlines including Emirates, Thai Airways and British Airways.

What are the Current Covid-19 Travel Restrictions?

At present, some countries and airlines require testing and certificates to be issued within 48-96 hours of departure. This helps to reduce Covid-19 transmissions during the flight. Travel restrictions are subject to change so we recommend keeping an eye on the Government’s advice about travel and keep up-to-date with your destination’s requirements.

Please  be aware that some countries now require a negative antigen test result along with a negative PCR test result. Find out more here.

Fit to Fly Covid Test Northern Ireland

We have testing locations in Letterkenny, Derry, Belfast International Airport at McCausland’s and a mobile testing unit.

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  1. Anne Marie O'Hagan

    Fantastic experience yesterday with John, so simple and easy, and so quick, unlike our previous experience with Boots a couple of weeks ago, sat for 5 hours and only got one certificate, ended up having to come back home and cancel our ferry the following morning. Thank you 😊
    Regards Anne Marie O’Hagan


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