Understand & Improve Your Health With A

Home Blood Test

home blood test

Understand & Improve Your Health With A Home Blood Test

home blood test

Individual health has become a hot topic since the pandemic began. From cholesterol to carbs, many of us have started to think twice about our diet and lifestyle choices. Launching later this year, a new service JACE Medical will offer is a home blood test, where with a prick of your finger you can find out what you need to do to better your health.

What To Look Forward To

Doctor Verified Results

One of our panel of doctors reviews the results and provides relevant notes on areas of concern. This medical oversight is what provides veracity to the results from the lab and ensures our clients benefit from expert advice. Results can also be shared with their GP if further investigation and support is required.

Personal Pathways

At the core of Check At Home is our goal focussed approach paired with a desire to improve health markers. Guidance on which areas need improvement and the actions required are provided with the results. Further blood tests can track progress towards achieving the goal and our AI engine tailors advice for each step of the way.


Integration With Smart Devices

We supplement the information from user’s blood results with a rich data set provided by smart devices. This gives the user an up-to-date picture of their health. This enables users to track all their health activities in one spot on the dashboard and ensures they get guidance and motivation for improving their health over time.


A personal pathway to improve health

By understanding your markers

Your blood paints a vivid picture of your overall health”, he explains, “telling you if you need more sleep, increased vitamin uptake, or more exercise. We are using the data that your blood gives us to create individual health dashboards so you can see what progress you’re making towards your health goals. And with it being compatible with the likes of an Apple Watch, it is highly accessible.

The service enables the user to choose an individual health test if they have a specific concern and to take a home blood test. This could range from vitamins to cholesterol, PCOS to Thyroid and sexual health.

Users can also choose to tailor their blood test with our quiz which enables them to choose from improving long-term health, energy, sleep, mood, fitness, or their weight. We suggest a bespoke testing package based on their goal and other information the user provides.


home blood test


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