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Invest in bespoke health checks for your workforce

With bespoke health checks assessing their overall wellbeing responsible employers can invest in their employee’s health. The ongoing health checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

Utilising the latest cutting-edge technology, the team have already been working closely with the likes of Phoenix Gas and Vertiv to help develop a new system that tracks employee welfare.

Health Checks Are Important For:

Detecting ill-health effects at an early stage, and ensure better controls to prevent them getting worse

Providing data to help employers evaluate health risks

Enabling employees to raise concerns about how work affects their health

Highlighting lapses in workplace control measures, therefore providing invaluable feedback to the risk assessment

Providing an opportunity to reinforce training and education of employees (e.g. on the impact of health effects and the use of protective equipment)

What we offer

Doctor Review Of Results

Our clinicians carry out weight and height measurements to assess BMI before testing for SPO2, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These results are reviewed by our doctor and the results are explained in easy to understand language and interventions to improve the markers are provided.

Bespoke Medical Report

Shortly after testing we compile the results into a highly informative report. With actionable feedback on where your markers are and how to improve them, we aim to empower people to maintain and improve their health equipped with this knowledge and guidance.

Body Composition Report Included

We invest in cutting edge technologies, one of which provides a body composition analysis. Included in the report it enables people to identify areas of concern and possible improvements. With dozens of data points to explore, this rich report is a firm favourite of past clients wanting to improve their health.

Expert Advice & Health Insights

Our Process for Medicals

We have developed an efficient and accurate process for the delivery of medicals.

Using our expert clinicians and software processes developed during the pandemic, we can test large numbers of people at speed and delivering the most accurate results.

Using the latest medical and technological advances we deliver unique insights and personal pathways to improve health. This is delivered in a consultation with our doctor and through an in-depth medical report delivered after testing.

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Here is why you should consider JACE for medicals

Efficient Process

Expert Clinical Team

Doctor review of your results & feedback

Advanced Medical Technology

Report with markers & personal pathways


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