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AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Test

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Our AMH test provides you with an indicator of the level of AMH in the blood. AMH is produced by small follicles (pouches which contain the eggs) growing in the ovary. The level of AMH reflects how many follicles are growing, which gives an indication of how many eggs are present in the ovary. The number of eggs present in the ovary declines as we age, until the menopause, when the supply runs out. The more follicles that are growing, the higher the level of AMH in the blood.

An AMH test provides a measurement of AMH levels in the blood which enables you to predict how strongly the ovaries will respond to the hormones used in an IVF cycle.

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Results in 3 - 5 Days

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Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH)

How it works

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Either book your test from one of the packages below or a free consultation with our Doctor. You can choose your preferred appointment time and date and will recieve confirmation of your appointment time and a receipt.

Attend Your Appointment

Apointments for a blood test last around 10 minutes and will be carried out by an experienced Phlebotomist (a specialist in taking blood samples) or our Doctor. A sample of your blood will be taken and sent to our laboratory for analysis.


Get Your Results

We will send your results via a private email with analysis of the results. Depending on the test you choose you could get the results the next day, within a week or for some tests the processing of the sample takes much longer.

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This test comes with detailed results

This test comes with a PDF of detailed results. Beside your result you will see a guide for the optimum level for that marker.

You can book a consultation with the doctor to discuss these results for further guidance and interpretation of the results.

Book a mobile test and we come to you

While we offer in-clinic testing at The Vale Centre, which is close to City of Derry Airport, we also operate a mobile service.

The service operates across Northern Ireland and Donegal and our medical professional can test you at home or a convienent location nearby. A call out fee is required and this will depend on your location.

For more information and to request a quote for a mobile test contact us here.

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