Dr J R Mullan

Speciality Doctor in Dermatology

Dr Richard Mullan has been qualified for almost 30 years, working as a GP for 25 of these years, including 10 years as a GP Tutor. This overlaps with almost 9 years as a Specialty Doctor in Dermatology.

About Dr Mullan

During his time as a Specialty Doctor, Dr Mullan received additional training on reconstructive skin surgery procedures, including taking specialist courses with the British Society of Dermatological Surgeons in Edinburgh and Bristol, as well as an advanced nail disease and surgery course in Belgium. He has been providing Minor Surgery clinics in Primary care for 25 years’ during his time in General Practice.

To keep his knowledge and skills up to date, Dr Mullan regularly attends educational meetings, courses, and conferences. He also works as a trainer for other doctors teaching them to perform skin surgery. Dr Mullan has a particular interest in skin lesion recognition and provides a wide range of dermatology surgical services, including biopsies, excisions, and reconstructive skin surgery procedures. He currently performs over 400 dermatology surgical excision procedures each year.

Dr Mullan is a member of the British Medical Association and an Associate member of the British Society of Dermatological Surgeons. His extensive experience and dedication to continuing education make him a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner in the field of dermatology and skin surgery.

Services Provided

Please note that all patients will be triaged to ensure suitability for our clinic.

Skin Treatments

Mole checks

Skin lesion assessment and biopsy/excision

Removal of skin tags

Lipoma removal

Removal of unwanted skin blemishes

Scar/keloid treatment

Other Treatments

Nail biopsies

Ingrown toenail removal

Haemangioma and Spider naevi management

Skin cancer removal

Botox injection (for hyperhidrosis only – not cosmetic)

Scalp/other cyst removal

Seborrhoeic keratosis removal

Surgery & Dermatological Procedures

JACE Medical is a state-of-the-art surgery specialising in dermatological procedures. Led by Dr Mullan, JACE Medical offers cutting-edge treatments for skin conditions. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and tools to ensure patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatments. Patients can expect personalised care from the moment they walk through the door, with a focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their individual needs.

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