Physiological Data


Measure the balance between stress and recovery

For better health and improved performance

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Firstbeat Life is a smart device that you wear for three day measurements. It tracks your stress, recovery and exercise and sends this data to the accompanying app.

The app provides an overall and individual score for each of those areas and displays the data on a graph. You can choose to initially do a 3 month wellness assessment or a 1 year lifestyle change programme. Following this you can then add additional months in a maintenance plan.

Each month you will have a consultation with our doctor who will interpret your results and provide feedback on how to improve your health and score before the next reading. By tracking this accurate physiological data over time you can understand your wellness and identify potential health risks. This enables you to make better lifestyle decisions and if you commit to healthier habits you will experience a positive health improvement.

Firstbeat Life mobile app for monitoring stress, recovery, sleep and exercise.

Personal measuring device for highly accurate heart rate variability measurements.

Three Doctor Consultations to identify trends, risk factors and the effectiveness of actions.

Firstbeat Life Programmes

See the effects of your daily choices

Firstbeat Life connects the dots between the body’s reactions and daily activities. It turns stress, recovery, sleep and exercise data into actionable insights – inspiring positive lifestyle changes.



Firstbeat Tracks

Restorative Effect of Sleep

By monitoring the restorative effect of sleep, you will know when to ease off on activity and when to exercise more.

Health Effects of Physical Activity

Check to see if your daily physical activity is sufficient to support good health and form a foundation for increasing training volumes.

Fitness level (VO2Max)

You can check your aerobic fitness level and track progress with a simple 30-minute fitness level walk.

Stress & Recovery Balance

Helps ensure that the overall load (work, training, life) is not excessive.

Body Resources

By keeping an eye on the body resources, you will learn how to balance your load and recovery and prevent over exertion.

Find balance in your life to increase your energy levels

Firstbeat Life shows how much of your day is spent experiencing stress and how successfully you offset those moments with recovery. It helps you to take small but actionable steps towards a better stress and recovery balance.

Promote health and well-being at work, identify potential health risks, and help employees to perform at their best.

We have developed a programme to improve the health individual users to large organisations. The service can be delivered on-site and remotely and we can support businesses in a variety of different countries with our programmes.

We offer a 6-month coaching program or can tailor the length based on your requirement.

Each employee conducts Firstbeat Life measurements independently as often as they like

2 x 45 min JACE individual consultations conducted remotely

Digital coaching content, including webinars and online lectures, to support self-leadership and personal targets defined in the consultations

JACE provides a common monthly task for the whole staff with varying themes (e.g. on stress, recovery, exercise) to support the development of personal well-being.

Additional service: Group reports and analysis for groups of 10 + people.

home blood test
Blood Test Derry

Key Analytical Features

Stress and recovery balance and assessment of recovery adequacy

Leading HRV and autonomic nervous system analytics

Automatic body motion and activity recognition

High-end digital modelling of body reactions

Analysis of respiration rate, oxygen & energy consumption

Analysis of body resource consumption and accumulation

Automatic sleep detection, sleep quality and recovery analytics

Assessment of fitness level (VO2max)

Identification of exercise and analysis of training effect

Personalized recommendations and insights based on results

Notes & recommendations of anomalous or alarming results

Detailed analysis of your physiological data by our doctor

Our popular 3 month Wellness Assessment includes three measurements lasting three days.

After you complete each measurement you have a consultation with our doctor to discuss your physiological data.

They will help you to understand the results and provide advice on interventions to take to improve your stress, recovery, sleep and physical exercise.

home blood test


What is physiological data?

Physiological data refers to the measurements and recordings of the body’s physiological functions and processes, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, temperature, and brain activity. This data can be collected through various non-invasive or invasive methods, such as electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or blood tests. Physiological data provides valuable insights into the state of the body and can be used to diagnose, monitor, and treat various health conditions. It is commonly used in clinical settings, research studies, and sports performance analysis. With advances in technology, physiological data collection and analysis have become more accessible, allowing for more personalized and precise healthcare and wellness interventions.

Firstbeat focusses on heart rate variability physiological data with 20 years of science-based research and data collection.

The system utilises heart rate variability as a window to what is happening in the body.

What is included in the 12 week programme?
  • A Firstbeat measurement device
  • Mobile app for your phone to get results on the app
  • 3 Doctor consultations
What insights will I get?

Stress and recovery balance along with exercise.

Do you offer group programmes for companies?

If you have 10 staff or hundreds of staff, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Our doctor can remotely review the physiological data offsite and and through zoom sessions or in-person can offer usuful analysis and feedback on the indiviual’s health and that of your workforce.

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