How To Take A Virtual Covid Test

Check2Go is aimed at travellers who wish to self-administer a test at home. Travellers can now become certified for safe travel virtually while traveling to or back from a foreign country. The service allows travellers to complete the test online with one of Jace Medical’s medical professionals who will certify the results of the test via video conferencing, eliminating the need to visit a testing centre.

JACE Medical is a UKAS recognised provider listed on the government’s website. The company offers a range of tests for pre departure with certification including PCR, Antigen and antibody tests in addition to the tests required on return to the UK including Day 2, 5 and 8.

Dr John T. Doherty, CEO of JACE Medical said: “Travelling can be a stressful process with the current regulations, particularly when you have to find a testing centre. That’s why we’ve introduced the new virtual testing service to our Check2Go product. Travellers can self-test from the comfort of their own home or accommodation if travelling and a medical professional will observe, offer guidance and certify the negative test and required documentation through video conferencing. It reduces the stress of having to seek out a testing centre particularly when abroad where people, more than likely, don’t speak the language.

“People want to travel again, but as it currently stands the testing process can feel overwhelming. Check2Go provides our customers with a one-stop shop to make travelling abroad as easy as it can possibly be.”

The Check2Go service also offers PCR testing for pre and post travel and enables consumers to purchase their test online, receive their test in the post, drop the self-administered test to one of JACE Medical’s clinics, or use a partner lab’s drop boxes across the UK. On receipt of the sample, they receive the results and travel certification for pre departure tests within 24 hours.

The testing provider is now one of the cheapest providers in Ireland and is shipping to customers across the UK and Ireland.



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