Five Important Blood Tests And What They Show

How healthy are you? While we might be feeling fine, our bodies can be hiding an array of illnesses and conditions that could impact our health. Regular wellness check-ups are a great way to identify these issues at an early stage, allowing you to take the necessary treatment plans to resolve them and enjoy a long and healthy life.

There are lots of different blood tests available, and it can be hard to know which is the best option for you. Our bodies and requirements are all different, which means that what is right for one person might not be correct for another. However, there are some essential tests that everyone should have regularly:

  • Complete Metabolic and Lipid Panel

This is a fantastic blood test that is able to reveal a vast amount of information about your body, and in particular, the health of your liver, kidneys and vascular system. This means that it can be used to help detect and even predict conditions that include diabetes, heart disease and common chronic conditions. This blood test can also be used to examine the levels of important minerals in the blood, such as calcium, potassium and iron.

  • Thyroid function

As we age, thyroid conditions can become increasingly more common, so this is an important test for older adults, especially older women. This test is used by doctors to help identify potential disorders in the thyroid and determine the dosage for any medications. For older people who experience fatigue or cognitive difficulties, this test will be used to detect the TSH levels and determine whether hormone production is sufficient or not.

  • Homocysteine

This vital blood test is used to determine the levels of amino acids in your body. Too high levels can be dangerous and increase the risk of a range of conditions, from poor mental function to a higher risk of a heart attack. Elevated levels could also damage the linings of your arteries, which can make it more likely for blood clots to develop.

  • Testosterone
    Testosterone is a vital hormone in both men and women, helping to regulate muscle mass, libido, wellbeing and fertility. As we age, our production of testosterone begins to decline, and when this drops below 2% in our blood, it can cause issues linked to obesity, heart disease, and depression. This test will monitor the levels in your blood, allowing your doctor to prescribe a treatment course.
  • Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)

Despite the name, this blood test is actually primarily used to check the function of the heart and not your brain. Elevated levels indicate that your heart is not able to pump blood as effectively as it should throughout the body, meaning you are at a higher risk of heart failure. This test could also be used to evaluate patients who are regularly finding themselves short of breath, checking for pneumonia, angina and more.

Want to understand your health? 

Are you looking to understand and improve your health? Blood tests can provide a fantastic insight into your health and wellness, which means that they should form an essential part of your regular check-up. 

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