Why Should You Get A Blood Test?

We all know that one of the core aspects of living a long and healthy life is to ensure that we are exercising regularly and eating well. However, our bodies are immensely complex, and illnesses and diseases can impact any of us, no matter how health conscious we are. Being able to identify these conditions as early as possible can help to prevent them from becoming serious concerns and ensure doctors can treat them quickly.

Blood tests are a fantastic way of giving doctors an insight into your health, and they should form a core part of your yearly check-up.

What are the benefits of a blood test?

There are a huge array of benefits that come from having a regular blood test, including:

 1 – Reliable data

One of the biggest benefits of a blood test is that it is a highly reliable form of data, giving doctors a clear insight into your body and allowing them to accurately track your health and wellness.

2 – Early diagnosis

Many health concerns can lie undetected for a long time, but a blood test is a great way to identify these issues, even if you are feeling fine.

3 – Check metabolism

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions in the world, and blood tests can help provide doctors with an insight into the chemical processes and metabolism of a patient, allowing them to develop a treatment plan.

4 – Check organ health

Alongside that, blood tests will also provide insight into how essential organs such as the liver and kidneys are performing and whether there are any signs of concern.

5 – Check hormone levels

Another major benefit of a blood test is that it allows doctors to check and track hormone levels in the body. This could be levels of testosterone, oestradiol, testosterone and DHEA-S, helping to provide early insight into your health.

Of course, these are just five reasons why you should regularly have a private blood test. Incorporating one into your regular check-up will allow you to become far more proactive about your health, becoming the benchmark to understand alterations within your body.

When you have your test with JACE Medical we provide information on your markers. Identifying if your result is optimum or outside of this range can empower you to make changes to improve your health.

Looking for a blood test?

Are you looking for greater insight into your health? Here at Jace Medical, our mission is to provide exceptional care to our patients.

To get a picture of your health and to improve your wellbeing book a test at our clinic in the Vale Centre here


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